Deferred Maintenance

This news reported by College Planning and Management.
Less money being allocated for maintaining facilities increases workloads, safety concerns, and liability. Colleges and universities across the country are also feeling the pinch; the University of Louisiana at Monroe eliminated 29 maintenance and repair positions at the end of their fiscal year because of continuing state budget cuts. The University System of Georgia has been asked to submit 4, 6, and 8 percent budget reduction plans for the 2011 fiscal year. According to university officials the general repair and operating status of the buildings themselves will begin to deteriorate. If the cuts happen there will be a very visible impact on the way the campus looks and operates.
If this trend continues, I foresee two opportunities for building product manufacturers:
  1. Institutions are already able to look at life cycle costing when evaluating construction materials. The decline in maintenance resources may shift the calculus in favor of even more durable products that offer further maintenance economies.
  2. Deferred maintenance invariably ends up creating bigger problems such as the need for roof or equipment replacement.
  3. As the universities reduce their staff, they will be outsourcing more of their maintenance requirements, so manufacturers will have the opportunity to get service contracts.

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