Safety - Always

Construction is one of the most dangerous industries. Too frequently, however, building product sales literature inadvertently promotes unsafe practices.

This is especially a problem with photographs. Art directors and graphic designers that are unfamiliar with the hazards of construction are often attracted to images that show reckless practices. For example:
  • A model is posed in a heroic stance, high on a scaffold or exposed structure... without a safety harness.
  • A power tool operator shows a smile and steady, confident eyes... but is not  equiped with goggles or dust mask.
  • A video shows an inspector closely examining a product rolling down an assembly line... but does not wear a hair net to prevent his or her long tresses from getting tangled in the conveyor belt.
  • People are installing a product at the bottom of a trench... that is not shored.
Marketing communications can help to establish a culture of safety in construction. Sales literature should not show dangerous practices.

Keep your customers alive!