Is this one of your Social Media buttons?

Take a look at this website.  Do you notice any major differences between your website and theirs?

They have a very extensive collection of social media that includes one site we don't see used by building product manufacturers too often-- Google Earth

Although the tactic may not have been 100% perfected up to this point, we believe this is a great way to show your portfolio to your customers around the world.  It suggests a new way to interactively display a portfolio and demonstrate that you've used your systems in many different geographic locations.

Your prospects can search the projects and get realistic photos that haven't been touched-up by post-production graphic designers.  This may also give your company the credibility of showing your projects as they are, with nothing to hide.  It shows your pride in the work!

Another benefit is that a fun tool like Google Earth may get people to spend two minutes on your site, versus thirty seconds. This alone makes it worth having the extra social media button.

We look forward to seeing how Googe Earth will be used for building and construction portfolios in the future.