Construction Writers give Award to Chusid Associates

Chusid Associates has received Honorable Mention (second place) in the competition for the Construction Writers Association's Godfrey Award for journalistic excellence in coverage of the construction industry.

The Kneeland “Ned” Godfrey Award is presented for a body of work published in construction industry magazines and journals. It recognizes superior journalistic and writing skills over the course of a year.

Kneeland “Ned” Godfrey, a former editor of Civil Engineering magazine, was an active member of CWA. The association established the Godfrey Award in 1999 to honor his work with CWA and his skills as a journalist.

The winning articles from Chusid Associates include:
The jury, composed of professional journalists, praised Chusid Associates' work, saying it:
  • "Conveys technical material with a clear and approachable style."
  • "Dispels construction myths. These three articles are all excellent educational tools."
  • "Presents new and vital tools of the trade."
  • "Makes ideal use of sidebars and illustrations to highlight significant details."
  • "Provides great case studies; provides but doesn't overly depend on statistics."
  • "Tailors details and style for three different publications. That's impressive! Such an approach respects the intelligence and professionalism of each audience."
Chusid Associates won the Godfrey Award in 2008. The firm has also won the Construction Writers Association's awards for outstanding construction photography and corporate communications.

This year's award will be presented this fall at CWA's annual convention in Chicago.