Chusid Associate Reaches Out

In addition to dedicating her valuable time and knowledge to Chusid Associates, our associate, Norah Lally, reaches out to the community by educating young children in Los Angeles.

Norah was named Tutor of the Month by the School on Wheels Program and her student was named Student of the Month.  We are so proud for Norah and April and are lucky to have someone so special on our staff.

"The San Fernando Valley student of the month is April, who just graduated from elementary school as the recipient of a citizenship award and an achievement award for improved academic performance. She also received a Math Wizard certificate for mastering multiplication and division. This year, April has worked very hard to raise her grades from 2’s and 3’s to 4’s, 5’s and 6’s! She has excelled in her English Language Development (ELD) classes, showing great effort and improvement in her reading comprehension and vocabulary. Norah and April enjoy reading books together, like Princess Academy and The Great Berry Battle. April uses her new dictionary to look up vocabulary words as they read. When April has time during the week, she takes the initiative to read independently and keeps word lists to share with Norah at their tutoring sessions. Norah has even learned some new words herself! April’s optimistic attitude and love of learning make her a joy to spend time with. She also likes art and dancing. Looking forward to middle school next year, April says she wants to do her best, study hard, and be a good student. Her goals for the future are to have a good job, to be a mother, and to be proud of herself. She is thinking about becoming either a veterinarian or a teacher someday." - Written by April's Tutor, Norah

"This month’s tutor of the month is Norah. Norah is a relatively new tutor; she started tutoring with School on Wheels this past January. Her first student was a foster teenage girl who very quickly developed a close relationship with Norah. When I told Norah that her student had run away a few weeks into their tutoring, she was saddened but ready to start working with a new student. She started tutoring April about three months ago and already they have created a special bond. Norah has been tutoring and working with April diligently and as result of their work April received awards at her school for her scholastic achievements. As a way to thank Norah for her work, April invited her to her Elementary school graduation which she was able to attend. Norah has the ability to quickly connect with her students and to inspire them to love learning and school. We are happy to have her as a tutor and thank her for her wonderful work thus far!

Yanira Rivas
Regional Coordinator"