Greensite Awards 2010

Concrete Construction gets it right. They recognize there's more to "green" than LEED, and that celebrating those extra factors is how the industry will move to the next level in sustainable design.

That's why I like the Greensite Awards.

Sustainable building practices are gaining acceptance in the competitive world of concrete construction. The editors of Concrete Construction and The Concrete Producer have created a new award program to recognize the concrete community's innovative contributions to green building. We will honor the country's best projects in ten different categories, and award one project as the overall GreenSite Project of the Year

Two years ago one of our clients won for their work on Ft. Irwin; the project was never LEED scored, and I'm sure it would not have done well, but the design-builder was able to drastically reduce environmental impact by using innovative concrete wall systems to cut the construction time in half. That's the kind of innovation we need, and that's what Concrete Construction is recognizing.

The call went out a month ago, and the deadline is August 27th. If you worked on a project that used concrete in a substantial way and had innovative approaches to sustainable design, consider applying.