Opening line for trade show

After two days of walking the recent CONSTRUCT trade show, all the people and booths were looking a bit blurry. Then, out of the haze, I hear a bright, fresh voice saying:

I've been trained to answer all your questions about Munters. 
How can I help you?"

This simple opening line cut through all the noise and brought me back to my senses. The honest freshness of the pitch, as well as the friendliness and vitality with which it was delivered, pulled me into the Munters booth and set me up to ask questions like, "Ok, what does Munters do?"

Even if I had not known what Munters was, I felt I was the presence of a person who was qualified and willing to take care of me. Someone who might provide "assistance" without the high pressured "insistance" of so many reps at the trade show.

I don't know if the pitch will work for other sales reps. I rather doubt it, because coming from the Munters rep it was fresh and original, while coming from someone else it will be a rehearsed script. But the encounter demonstrates that there is still room for innovation, even in a sales forum as well worn as trade shows.