Get More Value Out of a Trade Show

Nowadays, we have so many available means of marketing.  If you're not taking advantage of them, you may be left in the shadows. Trade shows are expensive, so you don't want all of your hard efforts to be wasted by not marketing properly before, during, and most importantly -- after the show.

Filming your company's events at trade shows is a great way to extend your presence in the trade show even after you've returned home.  

The video above was featured in an email that was sent out to everyone registered for World of Concrete. Once you click on the video, it links you to a page with a dozen other videos.  Some of these videos contain demos or events, whereas others contain sponsor videos.  Having a sponsor video is an excellent way to get your company publicity and it doesn't even have to be high quality footage.

By uploading videos from trade shows to your company website, other video hosting websites or by sending videos via email, you get the benefit of search engine optimization (key word searches that link others to your video) as well as familiarizing your customers with your brand. Videos on the World of Concrete and NeoCon websites are just two examples of the many marketing campaigns that are using video footage to publicize their brands.