Chusid Associates Wins Another Award!

We are proud to announce that another team member has won an award!

Our intern, Jakov Peric, won 1st place in last week’s Building Industry Association (B.I.A.) Model Building & Architectural Drawing Competition.  Jakov is an award winner, this is his second architectural internship and he hasn’t even started college!

Jakov states, "The competition’s requirements were to design a one story house, no more than 3,000 square feet, for a four person family. The family consisted of a mother and father with two young boys. Because of their profession, the mother needed a darkroom and a gallery located in the house, and the father needed a sound studio. Other requirements were a master bedroom and bathroom, a room for each of the young boys with a shared bathroom, a guest bedroom, a small kitchen and dining room, a large entertainment room, a laundry room, a two car garage, a covered patio and a garden. Each person competing was provided with an odd shaped site plan with oak trees on the property that had to remain where they were located. Each person had to come up with a design and submit a floor plan, section view and an elevation view."

Way to go Jakov!