MasterFormat Updates

If you've asked (or wished) for a revision to MasterFormat to more accurately classify your product, your wishes may have just been answered. CSI has published the 2010 update to MasterFormat on its web site, and the updates are already incorporated into New or revised numbers and titles include:
  • 03 15 13 Waterstops
  • 03 35 43 Polished Concrete Finishing
  • 05 05 23 Metal Fastenings
  • 32 39 13 Manufactured Metal Bollards 
... and many more. 

If you're still wishing after this year's update, remember that updates are ongoing and will be issued annually. Chusid Associates helped several clients request changes that appeared in this update, and we'd be happy to do the same for you. New products may take several tries, but this year's results are encouraging, with many new systems and materials receiving the recognition of their own numbers and titles.