Antimicrobial Products to be Reviewed by FDA

Chusid Associates has previously warned against the use of antimicrobial agents in building materials. We have cited their lack of efficacy in preventing or controlling disease, exaggerated marketing claims that skirt legal restrictions, and the potential for antimicrobial abuse to spawn drug-resistant pathogens.

Now, there is yet another concern. The leading antimicrobial products are dangerous to human health.

The synthetic antimicrobial agent triclosan - marketed under the name Microban(R) - is found in numerous products both durable and consumable.  This is includes certain materials used as countertops and food prep surfaces, wall surfacing materials and upholstery, hardware and plumbing trim.  It also includes a host of antimicrobial soaps and similar personal care and household products.

The FDA is going to review the use of such products at the behest of U.S. Rep Edward Markey (MA), who introduced a bill in congress banning the use of triclosan in personal care products. Restrictions against the products in building materials could follow.

If you are building with materials that contain triclosan or Microban, or if you're specifying such materials, you might want to read this article:,0,7890670.story