Will You Tweet This?

Today I witnessed a social media triumph for the building product industry.

I received an email press release from ACPA that contained blog and Twitter copy (aka a "tweet") after the main body of the press release.

The purpose of sending a press release is to create a viral re-posting of a news item among press outlets. By already customizing blog and Twitter copy, the company simplifies the re-posting process for press (and other online media sources).

Blogs and Twitter have become acclaimed news sources for the building product industry and we are excited to see this proof. Chusid Associates encourages you to include blog and Twitter copy in all of your future press releases.

The ACPA's sample blog and Twitter copy are below:

Sample Blog Note

The American Concrete Pavement Association announces its newest classroom and web-based education and training events. The Association’s 2010 program includes 18 webinars for agency officials and industry; a seminar for university professors; a modular concrete pavement seminar series for agencies and industry; and a modular airport pavement design course currently being developed. Go here: http://www.acpa.org/Events_and_Programs/Education_and_Training/index.asp.

Sample Tweet* on Twitter

Check out the American Concrete Pavement Association’s education & training events at http://www.acpa.org/Events_and_Programs/Education_and_Training/index.asp.

* The Twitter name, logo, Twitter T, Tweet, and Twitter blue bird are trademarks of Twitter, Inc. in the United States and other countries.