Hidden Text in Guide Specifications

When I write a guide specification for a building product manufacturer, I usually include "Notes to the Specifier", text that guides the specifier through the specification writing process. There can be dozens of notes throughout a guide specification, and they all have to be removed before the project specification is published.

I use the word processing "Hidden Text" function for the notes, allowing the specifier to hide all of the notes at the same time. This eliminates the nuisance of having to delete each note individually. I also include a preliminary note, not written in hidden text, that advises the specifier to turn on the hidden text function if notes to the specifier are not visible.

Arcat, an online directory of building product information, does the same thing in the guide specs they publish. However, they add a feature about which I hadn't thought: At the beginning of their word processing-formatted spec sections, they insert a link with instructions for those that may be unfamiliar with the hidden text feature of their word processor:

Display hidden notes to specifier. 
(Don't know how? Click Here)

Adding this link is a great idea, and I will incorporate it into future guide specs I write.

For examples of guide specifications, see: http://chusid.com/specifications.htm.