Green Building Products Coalition

Three organizations have come together to form the Green Building Products Coalition. Their website has the following introduction:

Welcome to the organizing site for a Green Building Products Coalition

  • Has your company committed to achieving a sustainability leadership position?
  • Are you struggling to understand what “green” really means for building products?
  • Do you think innovation and transparency are getting lost in the green marketing frenzy?
  • Are you frustrated by the proliferating number of product certification systems?
  • Do you need help deciding which industry standards directly apply to your business?
  • Are you confused about which product directory offers the best venue for your products?
  • Do you lay awake at night thinking about PCRs, LCAs and EPDs? (We hope not!)
  • Does your company have in-house expertise that could inform these discussions?
Do you want a prominent voice in the discussion about building products sustainability?

A Green Building Products Coalition would seek alignment through collaboration and leadership from withing the building products industry and its supply chain to address the industry's sustainability challenges and opportunities - head on!

Many organization are active in the area of building products and sustainability, and the Coalition invites collaboration. We seek to encourage constructive relationships that align our members' and other's activities to achieve hamonization of information and approach in support of long-term sustainability.


The GBPC would give building product manufacturers the opportunity to leverage their collective expertise and develop a common framework for innovation and implementation. Its goal is to create a credible forum for the building products supply chain in which to discuss, define, reach consensus, take action on, and communicate about how product-level attribute improvements can support system-level sustainability.

Practical Solutions

The GBPC would connect the building products industry and its supply chains with environmental and health experts, government agencies, standards and certification bodies and other key stakeholders to provide education and create the resources and tools required to help the industry make better informed decisions; innovate product design, manufacturing, and communications; and integrate with the building team.

Potential Projects

GPBC members would determine what the Coalition works on, but potential projects might include:

  • Conducting research to identify and prioritize areas of environmental concern
  • Developing responsible building product design and disclosure guidelines
  • Creating/delivering workshops on relevant product assessment methodologies
  • Researching and writing building product materials environmental technical briefs
  • Developing product and enterprise level sustainability metrics and reporting formats

Path Forward

The Construction Specifications Institute, Environmental Protection and GreenBlue (founders of the successful Sustainable Packaging Coalition which would serve as a model of the GBPC) invite you to join us to explore the launch of a Green Building Products Coalition and determine its focus and direction.


MAY 11, 2010, 1:00-6:00PM

Prior to
Philadelphia Convention Center
Philadelphia, PA

March 12 - 14 2010

Sign up and register here.

If you are unable to attend the meeting, contact Chusid Associates to represent your interests there.