Enthusiasm for Testimonials

This new product's sales literature publishes testimonials from contractors, whom they cleverly call "enthusiasts," while upping the ante by giving the enthusiasts' phone numbers for further verification of their products' quality. They extend their market by including a Spanish version of "Entusiasta" testimonials on the reverse side.

The literature exposes upbeat reviews of their product such as:

"Eisenwall saves me time and money... I'm finished in one day." - John Hughes, Senior Estimator, Walter N. Coffman, Inc., (xxx) xxx-xxxx

"I use Eisenwall to expedite the owner's schedule, and because it's so crack resistant." - Rick Greene, Vice President, R.A. Greene Corp. (xxx) xxx-xxxx

The placing of the enthusiasts' phone numbers has already been successful as many contractors have called the numbers listed and discussed the product. Brilliant!