Ask for Testimonials (We Did!)

Testimonials from satisfied clients can play an important role in building product marketing. Plus, they feel really good to get.

While testimonials sometimes appear in the mail unsolicited, the best way is to ask for them.

Asking for testimonials has been honed to a high art by LinkedIn. After signing into your account, go to the LinkedIn "Profile" tab, click on "Recommendations," select "Request Recommendations," and use the social media platform to reach out to your contacts to ask for recommendations.

Most of your contacts will be happy to give you a recommendation; doing so enhances their relationship with you, and increases their visibility in the social media platform. (Of course, they might ask for an endorsement in return. Give it to them; it increases your visibility)

Here, for example, is an endorsement I received through LinkIn:
“Michael and I worked on a technology transfer program for a mutual client in the building materials area, with great results. Michael is an inventive individual, with out-of-the-box ideas that get the job done in creative ways.” Raymond Hemmings, Founder and President, Hemmings & Associates, LLC
Old fashioned, face-to-face networking also works. For example, a client recently told me how pleased he was with the work Chusid Associates had done for his business. I thanked him for his compliment, then asked if he would be willing to put his sentiments into a letter I could use. Here is what he sent:
"Chusid Associates made critical contributions to successfully bringing Lythic Solutions to the marketplace. With their knowledge of our industry niche, they worked to helped shape our message and make a conceptual strategy for branding.  Their PR articles in trade publications generated contacts from specifiers and contractors from around the world and led to sales.  The Chusid Team’s ability to produce effective marketing literature and collateral sales materials, based on our knowledge and advanced technology products, leveraged us into market prominence quickly and with credibility.  Collaboration with Chusid Associates has made it possible for Lythic Solutions to build its brand, on an international scale, in a faster time frame than we had anticipated before finding them." Brad Sleeper, General Manager, Lythic Solutions.
I have tried to demonstrate in this post that testimonials work best if they are shared publicly. Make sure the writer has given you permission to use his or her name, then place the testimonials on your website or work them into your advertising.

And be sure to pass the favorable comments along to the employees, reps, and other team members that helped build and maintain the client relationship.