ASHRAE 90.1: Changes afoot

When you're watching the standards and regulations that affect your products, you're ahead of the changes, and possibly ahead of the competition, too. If your products affect building envelopes and systems, you'll want to stay abreast of ASHRAE 90.1 and the changes being proposed for the 2010 edition. Remember, too, that ASHRAE 90.1 is a standard for both building codes and LEED rating systems, so changes to it have far-reaching consequences for many projects.

Hot topics for our clients:
  • Performance requirements for air leakage of the opaque envelope (Addendum bf)
  • New 40 percent window wall area path within the Prescriptive Tables (Addendum cx)
  • Several lighting control provisions (Addenda cd, ce, cn, cu, and cz)
Each addendum has its own draft on ASHRAE's web site, so you may want to start at Eco-Intel for the summaries.