World of Concrete's Visit Tracker

World of Concrete just introduced a new feature for attendees, a "Visit Tracker". I just got the email with my results today:
Dear Aaron,

We hope you found your time at World of Concrete 2010 a valuable and important experience.

To help you gain the maximum value from the event, we invite you to make use of a new attendee service – ExpoCard Visit Tracker –
which contains the contact information for the exhibitors you visited. This information was compiled from your use of the
ExpoCard during the show.

This service will allow you to be proactive in following up with those exhibitors you spoke to during the event. This service is brought to you free of charge.
Included was a link to my personalized results.

My first response was, it sure felt like I visited more booths than that! It really brought home to me what a small percentage of booths I visit actually scan my card. Beyond that, this is an excellent new tool for attendees and exhibitors alike; attendees have extra incentive to scan their cards now, potentially helping exhibitor collect more prospects.

Tech-industry prognosticators are predicting that one of the big trends in 2010 will be a shift from the internet as a "Web of Documents" to a "Web of Data"; this is a good example of that shift. Hanley Wood already had the data; by making data into a usable tool, rather than keeping it in a walled garden where only a few people could view it, they created something new and useful.