Webinar Questions

In preparation for leading an continuing education webinar, I created a list of questions and sent it to the host of the program... Just in case no one in the cyber-audience asked any questions. In a live presentation, I can usually use eye contact to elicit a question from someone in the audience. But it is difficult to generate a connection with an audience I can't see.

Sure enough, no one volunteered questions from the audience. Yet the host was able to interject questions into the audience to try to create the give and take that gives a program a live quality. He would say, "One of our participants has just emailed a question...."

What would be the best specification language to use?

Can you do a program for my CSI Chapter or for my consulting engineers?

How much does more expensive are the products?

I have never had the type of problem you described. Is this a very rare occurrence?

Are these a single source item or are there multiple manufacturers?

These were all questions that helped me restate the information being presented, and kept the presentation feeling spontaneous.