That's a Wrap!

I recently learned about WRAP ADS while working on a new magazine ad for a client. What is a wrap ad?.....No, I don't mean wrapping your vehicle in advertising.

The type of wrap ad I'm referring to can be explained in this simple equation:

Main Advertisement ( junior page)
Additional material (eg. product spotlights or advertorial copy)
WRAP AD (full page)

A wrap ad is usually a full-page ad. However, instead of one ad that takes up the entire page, the wrap ad includes a main advertisement, in "junior page" size; plus additional material that wraps around the advertisement - such as new product announcements, short case studies, or other advertorial copy.

The wrap ad I worked on with designer Vladimir Paperny turned out like this:
Wrap ads can be particularly effective when placed in tabloid sized publications; then the main ad (junior page) is actually the same size as a full page in a standard sized magazine.

Consider using wrap ads to get attention for your building products. They are great ways to showcase your products and communicate your company's message and style.