Congress to Hold Hearing on Location Data and Privacy

Important news from ReadWriteWeb:
"Geolocation is quickly emerging as a big new platform to build all kinds of cool services on top of. While there's a whole lot of potential - there's also growing concern about the privacy implications of this flush of data about where we are. Thus it's timely that a committee of the US House of Representatives is holding a hearing next week to investigate the issues between commercial use of location data and consumer privacy."

This is important for two reasons. First, it serves as a good reminder that we need to protect ourselves while taking advantage of these new high-tech tools. Location-based computing has a lot to offer and is getting tons of attention. But the same technology that lets you find your way around a crowded trade show, locate broken parts on the jobsite, or see where your children are going after school also potentially can provide this information to others who will not use it in your best interest, even if that just means spamming you with ads for the store you just walked past. Protect your privacy; learn how to adjust the settings on any new program or device you start using.

Furthermore, this strongly underscores how much mobile computing is growing. Ruder Finn reports that mobile social networking is more popular than desktop. "91% of mobile phone users go online to socialize compared to only 79% of traditional desktop users."

This is good news for the construction industry, and especially for product manufacturers! The Ruder Finn report also says that, "Mobile phones offer users the chance to immediately respond to breaking news, whether it is a new piece of legislation or even the latest ongoing development of a corporation or politician under siege." Likewise, they can allow you to instantly learn about and respond to jobsite problems, unmet needs, requests for information, and other opportunities.

How is your company taking advantage of mobile computing?