Customized Promotional Items

In an era dominated by digital marketing, the tangible sales promotion bearing your brand and contact info is still a valuable marketing tool. I was reminded of this today when I was struggling to remember the name of a vendor I met at a trade show a few years ago. I drew a blank... until I remembered I had one of their give-aways sitting on the shelf behind my desk.

The following examples may give you ideas for your next promotion:

It has been said that the most effective promotion is something that all your prospects want, but doesn't attract non-customers that would dilute your effort. With that in mind, construction product marketeer have lots of opportunities to give their prospects items that they will interact with as part of their business.
Pocket Protectors were essential to the uniform of many working people in the days of fountain pens and graphite pencils. They still have a place among the service technician or craftsman that has to carry a variety of implements in his or her shirt pocket.

This Pencil Holder attachment is more secure than sticking the pencil behind one's ear, and delivers your branding message to fellow workers.

Measuring Tools are always appreciated, like the crack width gage above, or the drawing scales below (shown in desktop and pocket sizes).
While the cast metal concrete mixer is pure testosterone, the pocket-sized level is more useful to many craftspeople.
Mason's Line Blocks are used to hold the string masons use to help them keep each course of masonry units level.

Drawing Carriers like the one above simplify the transport of large roles of drawings. The one below has and additional promotional benefit; made of Tyvek, it demonstrates the strength and tactile qualities of the product.

As the Tyvek bag above demonstrates, there are many creative ways to give a prospect a sample of your product:

Coasters are not as fashionable as they once were, thanks in part to table tops that are not damaged by moisture, but they are still viable. Clockwise from upper left: Dow Woodstalk wheat fiber board coaster demonstrates the millability of the (now discontinued) product. Cork, enjoying a renaissance as a "natural" material. Sunburst demonstrates the precision of a vendor's waterjet cutting. Porcelain enamel coaster exemplifies the graphic capabilities of the medium.

Insulated Can Cozy is made from a foil-faced bubble-wrap wall insulation, effectively communicating the material's thermal resistance.

Bottle Opener is cleverly crafted into a piece of Accuride's ball-bearing drawer slide mechanism. Handling it imparts the smooth operation of the device. Now, can anyone find a beverage can that still needs a church key?

Paperweights are still important in the digital age. This one, from National Gypsum, is part of an promotion tauting the wonders of their raw material. Inside the box is a small brochure and a chunk of raw gypsum with a felt bottom and a label.

Customized Name Plate has been retained for over 25 years, through many moves, and even a change in preferred names. I still remember it was a gift from Acme Brick, making it worth every dollar they spent to produce it.

Of course, there is also a place for more conventional promotional items:

Beginning in 2010, the Greenbuild trade show requires exhibitors to audit the environmental footprint of their booths, and discourages the use of excessive handouts and tradeshow "swag". It is a reminder that most promotional items quickly find their way into the waste stream. With more designers and builders insisting on green building products, even your marketing has to come under environmental scrutiny.

This minature recycling dumpster reminds us that even your promotional items have to be produced and recycled with inteligience.


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