MasterFormat 2004 Cheer

MasterFormat 2004 is now the clearly established standard for organizing construction work results. Michael Chusid, president of Chusid Associates, served on the MasterFormat Implementation Task Team that helped popularize the system. He composed and sang the following song at educational events across the country to help break down resistance to the new standard:
(To tune of Mickey Mouse Club Song)

Hey! Designers and contractors
It's as useful as can be;
MasterFormat (CSI!)
MasterFormat (CSC!)
For everything you want to specify! (Fi! Fi! Fi!)
You can do more
With Two Thousand and Four,
So why not give it a try?
M-A-S (S stands for Specifications!)
T-E-R (Are you ready or not?)
(Shout) MasterFormat!
Michael's article about using MasterFormat in building product sales and marketing can be found at