What Your Email Address Says About You

Are you still using your original AOL or Hotmail email address? The editors at Lifehacker have some compelling reasons why you might want to change it.

One of the most important points raised for companies evaluating their online presence:
More concerning than people using inappropriate emails handles on their resumes? Businesses that don't have their own domain and personalized email. SomeCompany@sbcglobal.net or SomeDude2049@yahoo.com were huge turn offs to readers and many expressed that they would question the professionalism of a company with such an unpolished image and do business elsewhere.
Read the article with a grain of salt; Lifehacker is a site for tech enthusiasts, and most of the respondents to their survey work in IT or for high tech companies. This may not be as vital an issue for us in the construction industry but it is still important to consider, especially if your market includes tech savvy or design sensitive audiences.