How to Write & Design Holiday Greeting Cards or Gifts for Your Clients

It's that time of year when holiday greeting cards are arriving in full force. If you haven't already sent them, you're probably in crunch mode trying to get them out the door. Today I received a very well designed greeting card from an architect associate of ours which inspired me.

If you're going to the extent of sending holiday greeting cards or gifts to your clients, make sure you tailor your cards or gifts to your company's promotional message (without being blatantly commercial).

Here are some examples of holiday greeting cards and gifts our clients have sent (or we have received):

1. Our client used several thousand square feet of his product in the Our Lady of the Angels Cathedral in Los Angeles, so they made a holiday greeting card with the photo of the angel statue (with light shining onto it through a halo-shaped cutout in the ceiling). The caption below the photo stated that they used X number of square feet of concrete pigment in the Cathedral project. The inside included a typical "Happy Holidays" greeting.

2. Another one of our clients is a ceiling manufacturer, so for their holiday gift giveaway, they used their sheet metal machines and punched perforations into the shape of Christmas trees and shooting stars onto a 4-sided red luminaria candle holder.
3. Our architect associate sent us a greeting card that arrived today. Since he incorporates ecological design elements in his work, he customized a greeting card (which also shows his creativity). The front of the card has about 20 ornaments hanging and each ornament is something that could be recycled so it has a recycling symbol on it. In the inside of the card, he has 10 New Years Resolutions for becoming Greener. The greeting card is printed on recycled paper. He also personalized the card by saying it was from his family and then he signed each of his family members' names. This was a great greeting card in that it combined business, New Years goals, and a personal touch.

Happy Holidays From Chusid Associates! (<---Our way of sending a paperless Holiday Greeting Card :) )