ICC releases notes, new version of International Green Construction Code

ICC has released meeting notes for its October work session on the International Green Construction Code (IgCC). Along with the notes, a third version of the code itself is available. These documents mark a halfway point in the development of the new code.

In this version, you'll find new text for the following provisions:
  • Bicycle parking requirements
  • Heat island mitigation requirements for paving, walls, and roofing
  • Special parking for carpool and low-emitting vehicles
  • Gypsum panel products
  • Steel products
  • Moisture control
  • Building energy consumption
  • Retrofit of existing buildings

Many provisions with placeholders in the code have not yet been developed and are open for the input of interested parties. Masonry, glass, low-emitting vehicles, and life cycle analysis are among the systems that will be addressed in the finished code but that do not yet have clear directions in the draft.

The committee's next meeting is December 15-17, 2009, in Bonita Springs, FL.