Barcoding Building Product Info

Barcodes may have new opportunities in building product marketing thanks to cell phone applications and improved bar code technology. There are now cell phone applications that can read bar codes to launch other programs. Consider, for examples:
  • Your product label has a bar code. In the field, an installer shoots a picture of the barcode, reads the picture, and then connects the installer to an online demonstration about how to install the product. When the installer downloaded the app, he or she registered created a profile so the cell phone app can connect the installer to the right data for the climate, location, and preferred language. You are able to collect valuable data on who is using your product.
  • An architect is scanning your print catalog or reading a magazine add. A quick snap of the bar code promptly directs the designer to additional information.
Reading the barcode is potentially faster and less prone to error than typing in a long url address for a website.

Golf Digest is already using a similar barcode system. According to the Christian Science Monitor, "Those who pick up the November issue of Golf Digest magazine will see similar two-dimensional barcodes accompanying certain articles. These, when scanned with a smartphone equipped with the Microsoft Tag app, take readers to video tutorials related to the article they accompany. Some might say it’s surprising to see such innovation from a golf magazine, but the move makes sense – golf is one sport dominated by ever-changing technology. Why wouldn’t a publication committed to following it be the same?"