LEED Regional Priority Credits

Environmental concerns are not the same throughout the country. Reclaiming brownfields is especially important in old urban areas, and water conservation in dry areas.

To recognize regional differences, the 2009 editions of LEED offer a bonus credit to projects that prioritize regional concerns. In each zip code of the country, local USGBC groups have identified six LEED credits that address local concerns. If a project earns four of the six credits, it qualifies for the bonus point.

Your sales reps should know the priority credits in their communities so they can determine if your products can contribute to any of them. Similarly, your marketing department can study the zip codes to identify where to target direct mail messages.

For example:
  • Urban Florida: SSc5.2, MRc1.1, WEc2, EAc1, MRc5, and EQc8.1, to incentivize decreased reliance on fossil fuels, reuse of existing building stock, decreased reliance on insufficient municipal wastewater plants, and utilization of abundant local sunshine.

  • Rural Michigan: SSc1, SSc6.1, SSc6.2, SSc8, MRc5.2, and EAc2, to incentivize preservation of prime agricultural land, reduction of light trespass into neighboring natural habitats, and minimizing the amount and improving the quality of stormwater into the Great Lakes.
The priorities can be found at http://www.usgbc.org/DisplayPage.aspx?CMSPageID=1984.