ARRA Made in America Requirements

Building Product Manufacturers may start getting more questions about the origins of the products they make. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 requires that designated federally and state-funded projects must use manufactured products and un-manufactured construction materials that are sourced domestically. The requirement does not seem to require components be made in the US, just assembled here. For applicability to your projects, download a copy of the legislation and look for the state-by-state breakdown of agencies that must comply for ARRA-funded projects. There is a rigorous procedure for qualifying non-domestic products which includes proof of 25% cost benefit, with a potential consequence of ARRA funding not covering the portion of the project that does not comply.

This does not mean you have to start smothering your website and literature with the Red White and Blue. But this will shift the competitiveness of some products.

One unintended consequence of this Act may be to encourage foriegn companies to buy ailing US firms so they can do "final assembly" in US.

Watch this website for further information.

Here's an example of a building product manufacturer waving the flag about this act: