Need an Architectural Photographer?

It takes time and money to fly around the world with your camera or to transport your own photographer to a project site to take photographs (especially if you want before, during, and after shots). Architectural photography is also more unique than other types of photography because the photographers use special techniques to capture the height, width, and depth of building spaces or landscapes.

Photographs of all stages of construction projects are extremely beneficial to so many different branches of a project. The photographs can be used by the architects, contractors, building product manufacturers, the building itself, and the list continues.

At, you can search through lists of AIAP certified architectural photographers worldwide. If my firm is based in Los Angeles and I have a project in New York, I can scroll down the list of New York photographers, look at their websites and previous work, and choose the photographer I think is best fit for my project. Then VOILA!- I have beautiful photographs!