"Farchitecture" and Promotion

Here's a great promotional idea you can use to attract the attention of architects:

As we are in the business of architectural consulting and marketing innovative building products, I could not help but mention the company CoolHaus and their coined term: "farchitecture".

CoolHaus is a Los Angeles-based company that has combined food + architecture to create a concept they call "farchitecture."
They have used their architectural design skills to turn an old postal van into a food truck where they sell their building-shaped ice cream sandwiches that are named after famous architects. They are representing their green efforts through the use of edible wrappers (anyone who's ever eaten an ice cream sandwich will appreciate this idea) and are looking into creating other edible utensils to reduce waste. To find out more about "farchitecture" click here.

Sponsor them in your booth at the next architectural tradeshow, and see all the attention you get.