Audiocast: BIM for Product Manufacturers

CSI's audio podcasts are a great way to get introduced to new ideas in the construction industry. You can hear construction war stories in "How Not To Screw Up;" get news in "Construction Minute," or get a green perspective from "This Week in Green." The archives are filled with interesting stories and useful information, in bite-sized pieces.

The "bimWITS" series is produced in cooperation with the BuildingSMART Alliance and discusses best practices with building information models. This particular episode is about one year old, but it's a nine-minute introduction to BIM from the perspective of the product manufacturer. In this episode, BIM expert Robert Weygant is interviewed by CSI's Aaron Titus.

Listen for answers to these questions:
  • What information should be in a BIM object?
  • What motivates a manufacturer to offer BIM objects?
  • What can designers do with BIM data?