Society of American Military Engineers (SAME)

SAME provides networking opportunities for building product manufacturers wanting to do business with the US uniformed services (Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard and U.S. Public Health Service). In addition to construction on military bases, SAME members are responsible for billions of dollars of civil construction through the infrastructure projects of the Corps of Engineers.
Its mission statement is, “To promote and facilitate engineering support for national security by developing and enhancing relationships and competencies among uniformed services, public and private sector engineers, and related professionals.” (Emphasis added.) As a long-time member explained it to me, "Military officers, including those charged with construction, are regularly transferred for post to post. SAME gives them a networking group so they can quickly get to know the local expertise and resources available at each posting." In addition to meeting the brass, participation in SAME allows you to meet the design firms and contractors vying for work in the area.

In addition to participation in local Post (chapter) activities, SAME offers plenty of opportunities for sponsorship. Its magazine, The Military Engineer accepts contributed non-proprietary articles, and its Directory is a great prospecting tool. Individual membership is surprisingly affordable.