Green Enough To Eat Off?

How do you, the building product manufacturer, communicate your product's quality to the end user of a building? How do you show them that it's safe? That it's sustainable?

The Green Restaurant Association announced this week that it is starting a new certification program for restaurants that works similarly to LEED:
Points are collected for sustainable actions and activities in the following seven categories:

* Water Efficiency
* Waste Reduction & Recycling
* Sustainable Furnishings and Building Materials
* Sustainable Food
* Energy
* Disposables
* Chemical & Pollution Reduction

The opportunity here is a kind of "Intel Inside" moment. Beyond expanding existing campaigns to include restaurant owners, can you reach the diners as well? There's a 50's diner near me with a sign in the window boasting, "We Have Air Conditioning!" In the San Fernando valley in the summer, that's not a trivial issue. My first summer in LA, the air conditioner in my apartment died at 11pm. I needed to go somewhere and cool off, and guess which late-night eatery I chose.

How can your brand message reach the diners?