Tradeshow Lanyards

What are the strongest graphic impressions in this image from a recent tradeshow?

After noticing the model's smile, you probably saw "Arcat" emblazoned on the lanyard around her neck. Arcat, a building product catalog, bought the rights to have their lanyards distributed with attendees' registration packages. It exposed their brand hundreds of times a day to each show attendee. That attention may have been beneficial to Arcat, but it could have distracted from your sales efforts if you wore one at the show.

If you are working a show, do not wear lanyards unless they display your brand. As shown in this image, lanyards distract from your message. Half the time your name badge will not be properly displayed. And the readability of your badge is reduced by suspending it well below eye level.

This is the preferred location for your name badge - pinned high on the chest or lapel where someone can read it with only minimal disruption to your eye-to-eye contact with a prospect. I prefer the right side of the chest so that it is closer to the person you are addressing when you extend your right hand to shake.

Many thanks to Kari Moosmann for posing at the recent Construct 2009 trade show. Kari is a first class construction writer and was, until recently, an editor for Hanley Wood. She is available for assignments.