Planet Green TV's First Birthday

Today's Treehugger newsletter reports that the Planet Green tv station, the first station dedicated to 24-hour environmental programming, celebrated its first birthday last week. From the newsletter's introduction:
Last week was memorable for two reasons. It contained the United Nations' World Environment Day (5th of June), which is the global equivalent of the US's Earth Day. It was also the first birthday for Planet Green, the first 24-hour channel dedicated to the environment. Discovery Communications made television history by launching 16 TV shows whose focus is entirely on fun and engaging tips for eco-friendly living and taking action for the environment. Won't it be great when celebrating such events no longer makes sense, because responsible living will be the only lifestyle we know? It's your actions that'll make that time arrive sooner, than later. Keep up the good work.
This reinforces my earlier post that green, as a movement, is on the way out.