Getting the Point Across

Can you tell what this brochure is selling?

We asked this question to several people and the common conclusion was that the company sold brick or mortar.

WRONG! This company sells flashing. While the title of this brochure says "flashing," most specifiers respond to graphics before they read and process text.

If you know that a "flashing" is a membrane that directs water away from a masonry cavity, then you might notice the lip of a through-wall flashing protruding from the second to the bottom mortar joint. The flashing is color-matched to the mortar. While making the flashing hard to see is a sellable feature in construction, it is a non-selling proposition as handled on the cover of this 8-page brochure. Rather than selling the concept that their flashing blends into the wall, prospects looking for flashing products might not even open the brochure.

Suggestion: This could have been rectified by adding an arrow calling out the flashing, and a headline along the lines of "Beautiful bricks deserve beautiful flashings." This simple device directs the viewer's attention and creates a positioning statement that could motivate viewers to take an further look at the catalog.