Disaster Resiliance: A New Trend in Construction Market?

I detect a groundswell of activity addressing ways to mitigate disasters through better design, construction, and building operation. While the symptoms are embryonic, they may yet emerge as a major movement that impacts building product marketing.

The genesis of the movement appears to be in three issues:
1. Growing cost of recovery from major disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, wild fires, and terrorist attacks.
2. Concern over the impact of climate change. And,
3. A maturing of the "green building movement" so it now sees that disaster survivability is also an environmental concerns.

Here are just a few recent data points suggesting a nascent movement:
Initially, a marketeer can respond by taking a look at existing product offerings and determining if they can be repositioned. For example, we recently discovered that one of our clients had a project that complied with FEMA requirements for flood-resistant construction. We were able to include this finding in new sales literature, and it help open up new markets for the product.

Disaster-resistance may change the economic justification to favor products that may have higher initial costs but offer getter survivability. This calculus is already well established in the design of blast-resistant facades for government buildings and other likely "targets."

Ultimately, regulatory responses will dictate the terms of what and how we build.

As with any new trend, we do not know how or even whether these isolated factors will coalesce into a market maker. Stay tuned so that further shifts do not catch you unprepared and create a disaster in your marketing programs.