Building Better with iPhone Applications

Green iPhone Building Apps
from BuildIntel by Building Experts Team

We recently read about the new Benjamin Moore iPhone application on Charles & Hudson and it got us thinking. So we created a list of suggested iPhone applications that are cool, practical, and would help your job. We’re pretty sure that they all would work too. All of these are building related, of course. The names are subject to change, so please use your imagination for now.

  • Is it green yet? Calculates your LEED score for you during construction. (there is currently a training application for your exam)
  • Gopher. Calculate the amount of materials you need by the size of the project. Some examples include siding, decking, flooring, roofing, etc.
  • Hero Hotline. Find a subcontractor in the area and locate them through GPS.
  • In the Zone. Find everything about the area including fees, codes, ordinances, regulations, etc.
  • Carbon Counter. How big is your footprint? Chart your activities and receive a score.
  • Find a Product. Find a Distributor near your project by product availability.
  • Materials Pricing. Pretty self explanatory.
  • I Need Green. Locate green product stores, recycled building products sellers, architectural salvage yards and more.
  • Job site Trainer. A library of how-to construction articles and videos.

They already have a CAD program and the tape measure, so we crossed that off our list. And we know that there are similar applications, but they’re more general, not industry-specific.