Advertising - Concept to Print

The ancient Greeks said that design ideas were a gift from the Muses. Thomas Edison said that creation was 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. I suspect both are correct, as illustrated by the example below.

We created the print ad on a very short notice for our client, Ceilings Plus. They wanted to introduce their new Barz(tm) ceiling - assembled from linear elements, while simultaneously promoting their best selling flat and curved products. After brainstorming with the staff at Chusid Associates, Michael Chusid developed the winning concept on his third sketch, thanks in part to an intimate knowledge of the client's product and marketing position - plus a little help from the Muses.

The perspiration came next as our Associate, art director Vladimir Paperny, translated the concept into a beautiful composition that catches a designer's eye and imagination.

The ad has appeared in Architectural Products and Architectural Record and continues to generate inquiries to Ceilings Plus and its website.

POSTSCRIPT: Of the 37 full page ads and spreads in the June 2009 issue of Architectural Record, only three garnered more reader service inquiries. In Architectural Products, the ad took the number 13 spot for inquires over the course of an entire year (out of 3500 items with reader service numbers), and the top inquiry generator in the ceiling category - outperforming a two-page spread in the category.