New Green Product Registries

Two new online construction product registries address the sustainability benefits of products and buildings. Participating in these registries provides several marketing benefits to building product manufacturers:
  1. Increased visibility of your products.
  2. Enhance perception that your company is active in the greening of the industry.
  3. Enhance your green branding by using the registries' logos on your website and literature.
  4. Answering the questions on the registry forms may help you uncover new ways to green your product.
CSI has introduced GreenFormat to allow manufacturers to report the environmental properties of their products in a searchable database. To be listed on GreenFormat, construction product manufacturers must complete an online questionnaire that collects information about their product. Data from the questionnaire is then displayed in a standardized fashion designed to ease sustainable design decision-making. “GreenFormat is an excellent place for building product manufacturers to list the green attributes of their products,” says Brenda Little, JD, an environmental consultant at Chusid Associates, “This resource will reach architects, designers, specifiers, and other professionals in the construction industry.”

GreenPLUS has now been launched to rate a home’s Health, Safety, and Welfare (HSW) attributes related to environmental stewardship and disaster-preparedness. The registry contains a growing database of manufacturers providing green products for home consumption, construction, and upgrade. Homeowners and contractors consult this registry when selecting building products to qualify their home projects for GreenPLUS certificates.

Chusid Associates is available to help file your product’s information with the two registries. According to Ms. Little, "Environmental concerns can pose questions that manufacturers have not asked themselves in the past. Even if a manufacturer can not answer all the environmental question about their product, it is important to be part of the green conversation. If a customer cannot find you listed in the green directories, they may assume you do not have any environmental benefits."