Requiring "Registration" to Download Internet Content

Many building product websites require viewers to register and log in before they are able to access or download product information. I believe this is a mistake in most instances. Many internet users are reluctant to enter personal information and fear you will use their email to barrage them with spam. Having gotten use to nearly instant information from the internet, they resent the time it takes to register. Keeping track of usernames and passwords for manufacturer sites is also a burden.

Requiring registration will not keep your competitors from accessing your material. Assume that everything you post online will be public information.

I recently had to register to get onto a client's website. Their website sent me a confirmation email with my computer-generated password - another problem as I had to then go into the website and change 79Of9Adsf98 into something I had a better chance of remembering.

But most amazingly, the confirming email said: "Please do not reply to this email as it has been automatically generated and is not monitored." What a lost opportunity to invite a prospect to enter into dialog by calling or responding.