Green News from Michigan

Michigan is looking to increase green construction, meaning any manufacturers or reps working in the area need to step up their green efforts to remain competitive and take advantage of the shift.

From's business section:
"Trade unions are ramping up certification programs in emerging green technologies, and everyone from construction managers to subcontractors looks to sustainability as the way of the future.
Wholesale retraining won't be required, industry experts said, but upgrading of existing skills is needed to meet changing demands."
Companies can help meet this need for education and information by:
  • Developing and improving green product literature,

  • Offering continuing education courses about green techniques and products, and

  • Publicizing use of their products in green projects.
The companies the become the leaders in green education and retraining in Michigan will be the winners. They will set the stage and define the dialogue about green building in the area.

Developments like these in Michigan are taking place throughout the nation.