Green Is Dead!

We've been saying for a while now that green is on the verge of dying out as a cutting-edge issue, in the same way that fire safety and ADA accessibility are now well established part of building design. Two years ago, for example, there were dozens of "Green Building" trade shows on the national and regional level; now those are quickly dying away to leave just a few prominent ones. Instead, environmental issues have been incorporated into the regular construction industry shows. Sustainability has become such a fundamental issue that you either have it -- or you go home, no discussion needed.

Today I received proof that we may have already passed that point:

EcoDater Launches - Online Dating for Green and Eco-Friendly Singles
EcoDater is an eco-friendly online dating site for green single men and women who care about living a natural, holistic lifestyle. offers its members a comprehensive array of tools to participate in the EcoDater community and find other green, eco-friendly singles easily and efficiently. The EcoDater blog is updated twice a week and offers an excellent survey of developments in the eco-friendly world.
This demonstrates how much "green" and "sustainability" have permeated the mainstream; someone looking for an eco-friendly date is going to expect an eco-friendly building, whether they are a tenant looking for the greenest rentable space or an owner looking to build a LEED Platinum building.

The green movement is dead.
Long live the green movement!