Do Architects want BIM from Manufacturers?

Q. I'm wondering what architects are looking for from manufacturers when it comes to BIM projects?

A. Let's be realistic here. Most architects ARE NOT looking for BIM details -- at least not yet. Even the relatively few firms already using BIM for overall building design are still doing details in CAD.

Suggestion -- Your website is a great opportunity for market research. Below the "Download CAD" buttons on your website, put a "Request BIM" button that takes people to a place where they can tell you what they want. If the opportunity is big enough, you can respond in an ad hoc basis. After a few months of requests, you will know what you need to do.

If you have a broad product line, some products may be more appropriate for BIM than others.

Even if architects aren't really using the BIM of your products, it does help the image of your firm as an up-to-date market leader, and can be used to attract attention.

More, you probably have 3d drawings (dare I say models?) of many of your products for in-house engineering, fabrication, and shop drawings. In this case, the cost of putting them online is fairly small, so why not do it?