A Remembrance: Steve Caporaso

He was there, at almost every construction industry trade show I attended, for years.  Our encounters were always brief, but sincere and meaningful, and over time evolved into a friendship. We exchanged ideas and business leads and swapped news and stories from the front lines of building product marketing.  Now he is gone, and I miss him.

Steve Caporaso was owner of Architects & Engineers Service Co., www.arch-eng-service.com, The company's representatives call on architects to present a collection of non-competing building products and generate leads for the manufacturers. For manufactures without a sales force to call on architects, it is a wonderful way to put a face to a company and get catalogs and samples into the hands of potential users.

Steve had the respect of both the manufacturers he represented and the architects he served. Steve was an established presence in the construction industry by the time I established my consulting practice, and I regarded him as an elder from whom I could get guidance.

AES, as the company is informally known, continues under the able guidance of Steve's widow, Catherine Caporaso and two of their children. I wish them every success.